Thursday, May 24, 2012


So its official, I FINISHED MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE !!!! Boy college is tricker then I thought. Come second semester I wasn’t even able to finish read one book for pleasure. I am determined to finish it this weekend though so be on the look out for the youtube video review (channel: booknerd1993) a review here on my reviews page and also on my blogger (gypsy writer). If you have any of those and have not already added me then feel free to do so. Hoping to as well get at least a few chapters done of one of the books I am writing and read more books as my collection keeps growing. All while enjoying the time off with friends and family!! It’s going to be a great summer!!! I’m excited!!! SUMMER 2012!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

People ask so I shall share

Recently with more people finding out I write I get asked more and more questions. There are two though that always pop up in every conversation.

Q: Why do you choose to read Paranormal Romance over any other genre of books?

A: Well, it is a genre that as being a hopeless romantic myself still lets me also escape. What I mean is I get my heavy heart throb romance but to the point where it still lets my mind wander. If I were to read a book that had people for characters it would seem to real and I feel like I would get jealous to be honest. With Paranormal Romance I know it can never happen so I just enjoy the romance of it. For example one of my favorite series, Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian is about human girls finding their should mate who are Vampires. Unfortunately, Vampires are not real and can never be so it is just fun for me to read and see the Romance play out with out jealousy. The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks on the other hand I have not read and do not plan too as their relationship plays out too perfect and again I would get jealous as it is actual people in a relationship that pans out perfectly.

Q: Why do you prefer to write Paranormal Romance?

A: Let's tackle this peace by peace. I love writing Paranormal for the same reason I love reading it. It is a way to escape into a different world. Plus it is a world I created all on my own. Now for Romance. I guess it is a way for me to write the dream relationship that is in my head. It is a way to let me live vicariously through my characters. Yes in my books I make sure at least the main couple fights a few times as all relationships have that but over all it is a way to in a way form what I would think is a close to  perfect relationship. Bumps and bruises along the way are also just for fun. No one likes to read about a couple that doesn't argue. It sounds mean, buts its true. We all like at times to see we are not the only ones with imperfect lives.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scream my name why don't you?????

So I had my meeting with my counsilor yesterday. We were able to rework my class plan to where Rome would name add any time to my current school. So now rom is practically SCREAMING MY NAME IN BLOODY MURDER!!! I really hope I can go. Now the question is where to get the money.........


Friday, March 16, 2012

I really want to go!!!

So this past Tuesday in my communications class a lady came in and started to tell us about the Study Abroad  program for next spring 2013. It is in Rome, Italy. Plus their main focus degrees are English and Psychology. Which amazingly enough those are my two majors. In other word.  I REALLY WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!! I meet with my councilor monday to see if it is smart if I go and to try to rework my classes plan to where it does not add time to me staying at Cypress. I really hope I am able to rework it as I would love to go and do not want to add a semester or year to cypress.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy days finally!!!

So I am inlove with my job!!!! I work for Dollar Book Fair at the Cerrittos mall. and it is tons of fun. If you are in the LA/ OC area come by and check us out. We have got tons of boks and shelve more dayly. We so far have had two interesting people come in. First was a guy who came in and justto keep talking to my co worker and I felt obligated to keep buying more books. He baught like five and all at seperate times. Then we had another guy come in that we call our box diver. We like to say he is extremly passionate about books. Plus he really wanted a job there. One night he came in and just dove into one of out huge bins of books and decided to help us sort. HAHA!!!! Also for all of you in the area who are thinkig about coming in if you post about the store on facebook, youtube, twitter, blogs of anysort, etc. and send the link to the store email then they will send you a coupon!!! And who doesnt love coupns!!! 
Also even though it is tons of work I am alos loveing my classes. Yes I have tons of studying to do but at least I got the boring stuff out of the way. See life is really looking good for me right now. Now all I am missing is a boy friend. Oh well, he will come eventually.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ever since thursday that is all I have been doing. School, study, go to work, come home, study, sleep.  That is what my days I work have consisted of. Then the only diffrence the other days is minus the work. Sad thing is I still have not toally caught up to where I want to be. In order to be inline with the class sylubus and not behind I have over 100 pages in my book to read for english and over 60 pages in my book for psychology. Any study suggestions or tips for a girl with the attention spand of a doornob?? Hopefully it will all pay off soon n some way. By the way I offically changed my majors today from Liberal Arts to Psychology and English. It added another year of community college for me. Hopefully it will all pay off soon.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally life looks bright

Finally after what seemed like months life is finally seems to be going my way. This next semester I finally get to start working twoard  my degrees. My degress are a Phd in Psychology and a Masters in English. The other great news is that I got a new job and it is with something I love, BOOKS! Thats right. I am back at working at a book store. My life is almost perfect.